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For over 10 years, our family-owned company has provided exceptional cedar shake roofing Pawtucket and surrounding Rhode Island areas. We specialize exclusively in cedar shake roofing because we believe cedar to be the premier roofing material, offering unparalleled durability, insulation, and beauty. Our company's cedar shake roofing job is fully customized to your home using only the highest-grade hand-split cedar shakes. A cedar shake roof can last 30-50 years with proper installation and maintenance.

As experienced roofers, we pay meticulous attention to detail—from placing moisture barriers below the shakes to fastening each perfectly cut shake. If your Pawtucket area home’s existing roof needs replacement or you’d like the distinctive look and quality protection of a brand new cedar shake roof, call us today to schedule your free consultation. Our experts at The Pawtucket Roofers would be pleased to discuss options for restoring or enhancing your home with our superior cedar shake roofing products and exemplary service.

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What Makes Cedar Shake Roofing a Superior Choice?

Of all roofing materials, none can match the beauty and durability of cedar wood shakes. Installing a cedar shake roof brings many benefits that other roofing materials simply can't provide. Cedar’s unique cellular structure contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood last up to 50 years. The natural texture and range of earthy cedar hues add warmth and aesthetic charm to any home. Unlike artificial materials that can appear flat and lifeless, cedar shakes bring out the best qualities of natural wood. Structurally, the thick nature of hand-split cedar shakes forms a hardy barrier against rain, snow, high winds, and other elements year after year.

Cedar also provides excellent insulation to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Few roofing products can compete with the protective strength and richness cedar shake roofing offers. With proper installation and periodic maintenance, a cedar roof is a wise investment that remains beautiful while withstanding decades of use. For homeowners who appreciate the timeless natural beauty and unmatched quality of real wood, cedar shake roofing is an ideal solution.

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Is Your Current Roof Failing? Consider Cedar Shakes!

A failing roof that's leaking or approaching the end of its lifespan can mean major trouble for a home. Damaging water infiltration can lead to mold, rotting interiors, and the destruction of insulation. That’s why timely roof replacement using quality materials is so critical. When it’s time for a new roof, cedar shake roofing in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, makes an exceptional replacement choice that solves failing roof issues while increasing aesthetic appeal. Made from naturally rot-resistant red cedar, beautiful cedar shakes are lightweight yet incredibly durable against extreme weather.

Unlike synthetic materials that fade over time, thick cedar shakes retain their handsome wood-grained texture for decades after installation. With wood’s inherent flexibility and the textured contours of hand-split cedar, these resilient shakes withstand high winds and prevent leaks better than artificially smooth products. For failing roofs needing replacement, a properly installed cedar shake roof provides the strength, insulation, and classic good looks to defend against deteriorating problems and enhance any home or building for 50 years or more when properly cared for. There’s simply no better roofing choice than cedar shakes.

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The Pawtucket Roofers  Want to Install Your Cedar Shake Roof

When it’s time to replace your roof, you want the job done by a trustworthy company. That’s why The Pawtucket Roofers is the top choice for quality roofing services in this region. The Pawtucket Roofers has provided residential and commercial customers unmatched artistry and care in every roofing project for over a decade. We evaluate your needs extensively to ensure you receive a properly fitted, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting roof.

Our master craftsmen roofers take pride in every detail, from precision measurements to hand-selecting the finest roofing products that not only solve your issues but enhance the beauty of your property. We exclusively install cedar shake and shingle roofs, bringing you authentic wood’s durability and style that artificial materials simply can’t match. Our expertise in building, restoring, and protecting with the finest cedar roofing is unmatched for repairs, replacements, or upgrades. That’s why locals agree: for masterful roofing skills using quality cedar roofing, there’s no better choice than the trusted craftsmen at The Pawtucket Roofers.



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"I'm incredibly pleased with the work that The Pawtucket Roofers completed installing an asphalt shingle roof. Throughout the process, they were efficient, hard-working, and clearly answered all questions I had. I would hire them again in a minute. Definitely recommend them!"
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Have You Heard About Our Roofing Services?

In addition to our specialty with expertly installing premium cedar shake and shingle roofs, The Pawtucket Roofers also provides repair and replacements services for all roofing types including asphalt, metal, and tile roofs on both residential homes and commercial buildings in the region. We have the skillset and inventory to fix or replace any tired or storm-damaged roofing to restore structural integrity and aesthetic appeal using quality materials that meet your home style, and budget needs.

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