7 Warning Signs You Require a Roof Inspection for Your Home

May 2, 2022

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Each day you enter and leave your home and never think to look up at your roof. Even if you could, you wouldn't see the damages due to the pitch of your roof. Furthermore, even if you could see your roof, you probably wouldn't recognize the damages since you aren't a roofing contractor. So instead of waiting for problems to arise with your roof before calling an expert, it is a good idea to establish regular roof inspections. It is also a good idea to get a roof inspection at least once a year to prevent significant roof problems. But if you haven't been getting regular inspections, what are some obvious signs that you should get a roof inspection for your home?

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Reasons Why You May Need a Roof Inspection

An annual inspection will allow a contractor to fix roof problems before they get out of hand. Minor roof repairs may cost you a few hundred dollars, while major repairs or roof replacement could cost you thousands. Here are a few good reasons you need to establish regular roof inspections with a local roofing company. 

A Hailstorm Recently Passed Through Your Neighborhood

A good reason you should call someone to come out and inspect your roof is that you've recently experienced a hailstorm. As with the dings you may experience with your car, your home's roof may also experience dings that could cause your roof to leak. This is especially true if the storm knocked shingles off your roof. 

Several Shingles Are Missing or Damaged

You likely won't be able to tell if there are missing are damaged shingles on your roof from the ground. However, if you have a high-pitched roof, you may notice problems with your roof. Missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged shingles aren't a good sign. This could leave your roof decking exposed, leading to significant problems with your roof, including leaks and wood rot. If you happen to see shingles hanging or missing from your roof, you should call a reputable roofer right away to address the problem. Not addressing the issue as soon as possible could cost you thousands of dollars in damages. 

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There are Lots of Microorganisms on Your Roof

Over time, if you have moisture issues present on your roof, you may see green or white microorganisms growing on the roof. The green microorganisms are moss, while the white ones are lichen. Although these items seem inanimate, they are alive, wreaking havoc on your roof. Additionally, you may see substantial black stains on your roof, which is actually a big blob of black algae. This living microorganism is also destructive, feeding on the granules of your shingles. The easiest fix for these items on your roof is to have a professional roof cleaning at least once annually. However, if this problem has persisted for quite some time, you may need a roof replacement. A roofer will be able to tell what course of action you should choose after a roof inspection.

Water Stains Are Showing on the Inside of Your Home

If you can see water stains forming on the ceiling of your home, chances are there is severe damage on your roof. These water stains indicate a leak that may have resulted from missing shingles or bad flashing. The problem could be a simple roof fix that could run you a few hundred dollars. However, if the roof decking is severely compromised, you may need roof replacement which could include new plywood for your roof deck and new shingles. This replacement could cost several thousand dollars. 

There is Mildew Forming But You're Not Sure What's Causing It

If you have recently gone into your attack and smelled a peculiar odor and noticed black stains forming on the walls or ceilings, this could indicate that something is wrong with your roof. Only a roof inspection will pinpoint how the moisture is getting into your house. But once the damage is done, not only will you need a roof replacement, but you could also have to pay for other repairs. This would include mold remediation, which could cost between $500 and $4,000 depending on the project's scope. Additionally, you will need new drywall and paint, which could cost you an additional few hundred dollars whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. 

Your Roof is Sagging

There could be numerous reasons why your roof is sagging. One reason could be because of inadequate roof joints and rafters. Another major reason could be that moisture is present. Still, another reason could be because your roof is very old. Whatever is causing your roof to sag, a roofer can inspect it to discover the problem and recommend ways to fix it. Whatever the reason for your sagging roof, you can expect to pay upwards of a couple thousand dollars to correct the problem. Therefore, it is essential to solve this problem as quickly as possible to prevent roof collapse. 

A Tree or Large Tree Limb Recently Fell on Your Home

If you've recently had a tree fall on your property or a large branch hit your roof before falling to the ground, you may have roof damage. The roof damage will be extensive in most cases, requiring significant repairs such as framing, decking, and shingle replacement. But if the roof damage isn't apparent, you should still get a roof inspection to ensure that the tree didn't knock off shingles or cause other damage. 

What Does a Roof Inspection Include?

roof inspection process

In some cases, you may have to pay for a roof inspection. However, there are times when roofers offer free inspections. Of course, not all roof inspections are created equal. But most roofers will check for the following when performing a roof inspection. 

  • The condition of a roof's decking
  • Whether there are signs of leaks on the interior of the house
  • The condition of the attic space, including ventilation
  • Whether the shingles have damage
  • The roof flashing and gutters

This is not an exhaustive list of what a roofer may look for during an inspection. There could be numerous other problems they may check for. Additionally, these roof inspections may involve getting on the roof and looking for damages. Or some roofing companies may use technology to inspect a roof, such as drones. 

Although it is easy for homeowners to overlook the importance of roof inspection, it is critical to get them annually. This will ensure that the roof warranty remains intact and prevents significant problems. Would you like to schedule a roof inspection with a reputable roofing company? The experts at The Pawtucket Roofers are ready to help. They currently provide FREE roof inspections and quotes. Call (401) 214-6088 to get started. 

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