How Much is Roof Replacement in RI? (Homeowner's Guide)

February 21, 2023

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When you look up at the ceiling in your home, have you noticed water stains forming on it? Chances are, you may have a roofing issue that a professional needs to address right away. If you are lucky, you may only suffer from minor roof problems that simple repairs can fix. This could cost you a few hundred dollars. However, much more serious issues will require your home or business roof replacement in Rhode Island. As a result, you may have to spend substantially more money. So, what are roof replacement costs, and what should you expect from the entire process? This guide will shed light on homeowners' common maintenance issues and how to manage them as effectively as possible. 

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Cost to Replace a Roof in Rhode Island

Home Advisor says you could pay between $5,337 to $9,960 specifically for roof replacement in Rhode Island, with most homeowners paying $7,600. But these are the most basic costs. Many other factors could drive up the costs of your particular roof replacement. Here are some factors that may drive up the prices. 

Top Factors That Influence Roof Replacement Costs

When preparing your roof replacement budget, don't rely exclusively on general estimates provided on home improvement estimation websites. While these are a way to get a good start, plenty of other factors may drive up the costs of your replacement. Here are the top three factors that may make your roof replacement much more expensive than average.

Cost of Materials

In a perfect world, the cost of materials would be readily available and affordable. Realistically, this is not always the case, especially in economic times when inflation is high. Many factors could affect the cost of materials, which could drive up costs for you. How readily available the material may influence how high or low the cost is. additionally, the brand of the material may affect the price of the material. 

Cost of Labor

Labor is one of the most substantial costs to influence the entire roof replacement cost. This will change from company to company and from task to task. You will have very little control over this cost once the project begins. Therefore, it is a good idea to determine how the company charges for labor and decide if you want to proceed with the specific company replacing your roof, especially if labor charges or a variable charge. Ideally, working with a company with fixed labor rates is best. But each company factors their labor rates differently. So, asking questions about this before signing a contract is a good idea.

Size of Your Home

If you have a very large home, the roofing area that needs replacement will be much bigger and require more materials and labor. So you can count on the fact that the size of your home will increase the roof replacement price.

Other Factors Affecting Roof Replacement Costs

The top factors will affect your bottom line the most. However, there could be little nuances that can also affect your costs. They are as follows. 

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Roof Removal

Another cost you may incur with roof replacement is the cost to remove the current materials that are on the roof. In some cases, a roofing company may lay the new roof over the existing roof if this doesn't present a problem with the warranty. However, if the company must remove the existing roof, you will incur charges for removing the materials and labor costs. 

Roof Pitch

Another factor that may affect costs is the pitch of your roof. Pitch is how steep your roof is. If your roof is very steep, repairing the roof is much more dangerous. Roofers will have to take extra precautions and use much more safety equipment. Therefore, they may need to rent additional equipment, such as lifts and harnesses, to reach steep parts of your roof. You may incur these costs in the final price. 

Additional Roof Features, Such as Chimneys and Skylights

Other cost factors that may arise are the chimneys and skylights. Often, flashing can go bad on these features. Therefore, you must pay additional costs to fix the flashing around these parts of your roof. In addition, you may be charged for the material to fix the flashing along with the labor. 

With all the potential budget overruns you may incur during a roofing project, the average range of $5,337 to $9,960 may be unrealistic. Therefore, it may be ideal for extending the end of your budget to about $15,000 and keep a contingency fund of $5,000 to $10,000 in case roofers find other issues. These issues could include wood rot, termite problems, mold, or other expensive problems that must be fixed before work can resume. 

Signs You Need Roof Replacement 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find out if you need roof replacement is to call a local roofing contractor to perform an inspection. It is critical to get a professional inspection because not all signs will be obvious to someone with an untrained eye. For instance, you may have sustained substantial hail damage on your roof the last time there was a storm. But you may not be aware of the damage your roof sustained because you may not know what hail damage looks like. In addition, since there are limitations on how long a homeowner's insurance company will cover such damages,  it is best to seek the help of a professional immediately.

Sometimes you don't always need a professional to help point out that you will need replacement. Here are a few ways to know you may need a replacement in Rhode island. 

  • You have lived in your home for over 15 years and never replaced your roofing. While this doesn't mean that you need a new roof if it is an asphalt roof, it made me time to replace it.
  • There are substantial leaks forming water stains at various points on your ceiling. This does not indicate that you need a new one, either. But chances are prolonged leaks can lead to bigger problems.
  • If you have a roof with a high pitch and you can see that there are a substantial amount of missing shingles, you probably need a replacement. 
  • If you notice a huge patch of black algae or several patches of moss and lichen forming over a vast majority of your roof, you may need to get a roof replacement in Rhode island.

While this isn't an exhaustive list of tell-tale signs that you need a roof replacement, it is a good way to help you investigate. Again, when in doubt, let a professional roofing company check it out. 

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How To Prepare To Hire A Roofing Company  

Replacing your existing roof can be one of the most expensive investments you make in your home. This is why it is critical to take your time and choose the best roofing company you can find in your local area. Here are a few helpful tips for finding and hiring the best roofing company. 

Do Your Research

One of the most important things you will need to do when looking for a roofing company is to do your research. Not all roofing companies are created the same, and not all have the same credentials. For example, you'll be surprised at how many roofing companies may operate without the right state or local licenses. While licenses may not be required in your area, companies that have one anyway have the greater edge and may be more reliable.

In addition to ensuring your company has proper licensing, it is a good idea to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage. Believe it or not, you could be responsible for the injuries if a roofing company doesn't properly insure its workers.

So when searching for a reputable roofing company in your area, try to learn as much as you can about the company. You can start with the company's website. But a few other options include sites that rank their work, such as Google or yelp. Another good option is the Better Business Bureau.

Check References and Backgrounds

After doing online research, it is a good idea to expand your research beyond the borders of the internet. Ask for references from previous customers that are satisfied with the roofing company's work. This could be references from neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues at work. 

If you live in a homeowner's association, they may be able to provide you with a solid recommendation. You can also ask for references directly from the company itself. being able to speak to previously satisfied customers will allow you to make a better decision on who to choose to do your roofing work.

Ask Questions

When you're preparing to hire a roofing company, it is also a good idea to make sure that you ask questions. But make sure your questions are strategic. You can gather basic information from their website, online reviews, and from previous customers. So when you ask questions of the company, they should pertain to your specific needs. A few good questions are as follows:

  • Do you have insurance coverage, and how much coverage do you have in case of an accident?
  • Will you guarantee your work?
  • How long can I expect this job to take?

Remember that when you ask questions, they should pertain to your specific needs so that you can make the best decision based on the choices you have.

Observe Their Work

If a company has been in business for quite some time, it should have a track record of good quality work. You can request that a company share its portfolio so that you can see the quality of its work. 

If you received a reference for a particular company from a friend or colleague, ask them if they will allow you to visit their home to see the quality of the company's work. Again not all roofing companies provide quality work. So you should do your due diligence to find out how good their work is before you allow them to work on your house.

Narrow Down Your Options

Once you have gathered enough information about all the roofing companies that you're considering, it is a good idea to narrow your list down to at least three options. although it may be tempting to rely on price only, you should take into consideration other important factors as well. Don't be so price-oriented that you overlook the quality of work, materials, and other important issues. 

Make sure to get written estimates from each of your three final candidates and compare them closely. If there are variations in cost from one company to the next for the same tasks, ask why and try to negotiate lower prices when necessary. 

Do you need a roof replacement in Rhode Island? A roofing company can tell you if you'll need a simple roof repair or full replacement. While most roofing companies around town charge a fee for inspections, our Pawtucket Roofers can provide you with a free roof inspection. We also provide free estimates on roofing repairs or replacement. Call (401) 214-6088 today to schedule your no-obligation inspection so that we can get to work restoring your peace of mind. 

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