Free Roofing Estimates in Pawtucket RI (Can You Get One?)

February 20, 2022

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Can you get a free roofing estimate in Pawtucket, RI? Sure you can. But before you go requesting roofing estimates in Pawtucket RI here and there, it's a good idea to get organized and narrow down your choices to about three roofing companies that you have researched and considered reputable companies for you to do business with. So how do you get your free estimate? Read on to learn more.

Should I Get a Roof Inspection, Estimate, or Both?

The short answer is both. Many homeowners assume that these two items are the same. A roofer may offer a free estimate, typically a document detailing what needs fixing on your roof. An inspection is the process of a roofer examining your roof to determine what's wrong with it. Roofers will inspect your roof by actually getting on it and inspecting it.

Once they determine what needs fixing, they document these details in a roofing estimate. The inspection most likely won't be free. But occasionally, a roofing company may offer free inspections. Usually, a roofer will offer free inspections when they are new and trying to establish business in a new area. A roofer also may not charge for an inspection if they are running promotions, particularly during a slow season. But for a roof inspection, you can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars.

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What's On a Roof Estimate?

After a roofer inspects your roof, they will compile a roof estimate that includes everything they believe is wrong with your roof. In addition to what they need to fix, they have other components on the estimate. Below are some of the most common things you will see on your roofing estimate. 

Information About the Company

It is crucial that a roofing company provides you with a roofing estimate in Pawtucket, RI that has their company info on it. This will include the address, phone number, website, or other personally identifiable information. Within this section of the document, there should also be information about the company's license and insurance. 

Description of The Work

This is the meat of the estimate. Here you will see the breakdown of all the items that need fixing and the costs. You may see things on this list, such as the labor, the materials, and a host of other things, including the nails they will use and their costs. 

Roofing Project Timeline

The anticipated dates of the roofing project should also be on the estimate. For some roofing projects, you will see the same date. Some roofing projects are simple, and roofing teams can complete them in a day. However, if you have severe roofing damage caused by a tree fall, fire, or something else, this roof repair may take several days or even weeks. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Another crucial part of the estimate is the guarantee of work and warranties. Typically, a manufacturer of roofing material provides a roofing warranty. This warranty could last for up to 25 years for asphalt shingles or substantially longer for other materials such as tile or metal. Also, there should be a guarantee of workmanship. This means that the work that a roofer performs is backed by a warranty that may last a specific timeframe, typically a year. The guarantee of workmanship covers the homeowner against shoddy work or installation errors. 

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What to Do With the Roof Estimate

Some homeowners may not know what to do with an estimate once they get one. But if you are a savvy buyer, you can use these estimates in so many ways. Here are a few good ones. 

Compare it to Others

One good thing to do with a roof estimate is to compare it to other roofing estimates from other roofing contractors. It is an excellent idea to scrutinize this document, looking for differences in labor costs and materials. You should also try to discover the variations between the documents and ask questions about these variations. For instance, you may see a charge for cleanup on one estimate and not on another. Does this mean that the cost is included in another itemized item? Did the roofer forget this fee, or do they not charge for cleanup? Take your time and know what you are getting, and most importantly, pay attention to the fine print on these documents. 

Bargain With It

While comparing it, you may as well use it as a bargaining tool. For instance, if you see something at a particular cost on estimate A and it is higher on estimate B, try to see if you can negotiate a lower price for estimate B, particularly if you want to work with that company. 

Keep It

An estimate is not something that you receive at the beginning of the roof project and toss it or misplace it. Instead, it is a good idea to make sure that you hold onto this document in case there are some discrepancies later in the process. 

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If you want a FREE roofing estimate in Pawtucket, RI, you can get one from The Pawtucket Roofers. You can rest assured that our written roof estimates provide the details necessary to help you make a firm decision on roof repairs and installation. We also cover these details so that you are clear on what we will do to your roof. So contact us today to learn more and lock in your estimate for roof repairs.  

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